Architectural Solutions

Conversion to flats, Truro, nearing completion

Whatever the size and scale of your project – an extension, a new home, or commercial premises – Architectural Solutions can help you take it from drawing board to bricks and mortar.

Our aim is to guide you through the planning process to achieve a successful design that reflects your own ideas and aspirations and is, of course, financially viable.
With this in mind we offer a free and unique Value for Money check for your proposal to determine how you can best add value to your home. Our advice is based on extensive experience of the property market and is always tailored to suit your needs.
An architect in Cornwall will often charge according to the old fee scale used as a guide by many members of the Royal Institution of British Architects. Our fees are less than half that scale because, although we offer a high-tech service, our overheads are low. We are happy to pass these saving on to our clients.